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Linux: Xgl, Xegl and X’s architecture (and future)

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After reading the news about the development for Xgl opening up, I decided I wanted to know more about X’s architecture and what has been going on recently with all the work to add support for OpenGL in the X server. Googling around I’ve found some pretty interesting material that I suggest to read. Let’s start with the latest Xgl announcement on freedesktop’s xorg mailing list:

Then other, more introductory, material:

and the papers forming the basis for the newer technologies behind X:

Lastly some definitions, useful to better understand the papers above:

Hope this material is useful to you. I’m still getting through it and starting to have a better idea of how things work inside X and to appreciate the amount of work that is being put to make sure that it will be able to take full advantage of what the newest GPUs offer.

Until next time, –tg.


Written by theglide

January 5, 2006 at 11:38 pm

Posted in Linux, X

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