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Stanford and UC Berkeley lectures on iTunes

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I know this isn’t surely new, but I just discovered that Stanford and UC Berkeley have made available on-line a number of faculty interviews and seminars through iTunes. Actually you won’t find this content directly on the iTunes Music Store but you need to go their respective iTunes U web sites and click a link to be taken to the dedicated area in iTunes. “Stanford on iTunes U” can be reached here, while UC Berkeley’s is here.

The geek in me has already found some interesting content there, notably the Computer Systems Colloquium laboratory at Stanford, with an interesting lecture (available in video) from Professor Dave Patterson on the Berkeley View on Parallel Computing. On the UC Berkeley iTunes site are, among others, the audio recordings of lectures from Professor Jan Rabaey on Low Power Design (some slide material can be found on his homepage at Berkeley). For anyone interested in low-power design techniques, those are a must read!

I’m sure there are many other universities that have their own iTunes U sites. I mentioned the two I researched so far that have the most material close to my professional domain.


Written by theglide

May 12, 2007 at 7:56 pm