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This is starting as a page for testing how I can embed a video from YouTube. It’s turning more and more into a collection of information, links, etc.. about the demoscene. Just for fun currently I’m piling up screen captures I found on YouTube of some of my preferred (old and new) demos.


  • Future Crew’s “Unreal”, winner of Assembly 1992. The precursor of “Second Reality”. [pouet]
  • Future Crew’s “Second Reality” famous demo, winner of the Assembly 1993 demoparty. A classic! [pouet]
  • EMF’s “Verses”, winner of Assembly 1994… “640kb should be enough for everyone” :-) [pouet]
  • Nooon’s “Stars, Wonders of the World”, winner of Assembly 1995 [pouet]
  • Farbrausch “fr-025: the.popular.demo”, winner of Breakpoint 2003 [pouet]


  • Demoparties
  • Wikipedia page on the Demoscene
  • – the best place to look for demo releases
  • Awards page
  • The Hornet Archive, hosted by – back in the 90s this was on of the main demo repositories
  • MindCandy DVD – two DVDs featuring video recordings of beautiful demos. Volume 1 is dedicated to PC demos, Volume 2 to Amiga demos.
  • – a very complete online demoscene resource
  • Slengpung – the scene photo gallery

Written by theglide

June 17, 2007 at 7:01 pm

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