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This is just the start of a new page I’m working on to collect all the interesting information I find around about multi-core architectures, multi-core programming, etc.. Also feel free to send me links to information on these topic that you think might be of interest. Stay tuned for updates.


Hardware companies

  • P.A. Semi – power efficient dual-core processors based on the Power Architecture
  • picoChip – DSPs with multicore architectures, targeted specifically for next generation mobile infrastructures
  • Stream Processors, Inc. – C-programmable high-performance DSPs using stream processing technologies
  • Tilera Corp. – “Embedding Multicore”. Tilera is a fabless semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, founded by MIT Professor Anant Agarwal. No info is available on their site regarding the products they are developing. See EETimes article.

Software companies

  • Cmpware, Inc. – developing software development kits for multicore multiprocessing
  • RapidMind – offers software development platforms to accelerate applications through the use of GPUs (both NVIDIA and ATI) or Cell Broadband Engine

Technical talks, conferences

  • Workshop on On- and Off-Chip Interconnection Networks for Multicore Systems – 2006 [main page with links to sessions slides]
  • Stanford Computer Systems Colloquium (ee380) [main page]
    • Stream Computing – Efficient Computing in the Many-Core Era – William Dally, Stanford University (Nov 1st, 2006) [abstract, video]
    • Stream Programming: Multi-core Made Practical – Peter Mattson, Stream Processors (May 16th,2007) [abstract, video]

Documents and links collections


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June 17, 2007 at 4:05 pm

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